PPS International together with New Materials Business, Tata Steel Ltd has developed a fully insulated Modular Cantilever System, which does not require any insulator, Anti-Bird Disk, Compression Clamp etc, hence the short circuiting due to falling of foreign objects on the cantilevers is fully avoided.

    Advantages of FRPTubes over Aluminium Tubes

  • Increased creepage distance
  • Higher strength than aluminium material
  • No rusting or corrosion, hence long life.
  • Same OD as Aluminium pipes
  • All fittings are same as present MCS.
  • Fully type tested as per EN standards.

Mast Bracket Assembly

Double Tube Holder 55-70 Assembly

Catenary Wire Support D-55 Assembly with Bimetallic Sleeve

Plastic Cap Ø55

Plastic Cap Ø70

Steady Arm Bracket Assembly

Steady Arm Straight

Hook Clip Assembly

Eye Clamp for Windstay Assembly

Windstay Rod

FRP Tubes Ø55

FRP Tubes Ø70

Hook and Eye Type Clamp Assembly

Registration Arm Dropper

Contact Wire Clip

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