Modular Aluminum Cantilever & OHE Fittings

In-house manufacturing of complete

  • Aluminum Modular Cantilever System
  • PG clamps & Compression clamps
  • Current carrying droppers etc..

Mast Bracket Assembly

Double Tube Holder 55-70 Assembly

Catenary ire upport W S D-55 Assembly B S with imetallic leeve

Hook and Eye Type Clamp Assembly

Axel & Carden Clamp Assembly

PVC tube cap

Steady Arm Bracket-A Assembly

Steady arm straight Assembly

Steady arm round

Contact Wire Holder Clamp assembly

Registration Arm Dropper

Hook Clip Assembly

Eye clamp for Windstay Assembly

Windstay Rod

Cantilever tube

Contact wire clip

PG Clamp

Compression Sleeve

Support Fitting For Protection Wire

Suspension Clamp

Suspension Clamp

Current Carrying Dropper

Focus Area

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