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With the highly sophisticated and advance CNC machines, skilled workers and perfect manufacturing process , we manufacture CNC turned parts or CNC turned components in Greater Noida.

We also invested in Aluminum Casting , Plastic inject on molding & Precision tools that ensure great perfect on in products we manufacture , Also we follow the high-quality standards in our rich manufacturing units , Each product undergoes a strict quality check to identify and eliminate and any loopholes , All this process is executed to ensure the product you get are best in quality and usability.

PPS International is on the leading of Precise CNC turned parts , Plastic Molding components , Casting Components manufacturer because we take care of demand and expectation of our customer , We offer wide range of our products, and open to manufacture customized products as per your unique requirements, all the products are created in the way to offer a highest-level usability and remain affordable to you.

If you are looking to buy the Precise CNC turned parts , Plastic Molding components , Casting Components in India, we have a right product for you , You can buy high quality of components made up of steel , aluminum , copper , brass , zinc , plastic and copper alloy with us, Do lets us know your requirements , we will get it manufactured to you.

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