Televic Rail is headquartered in Izegem Belgium. It is one of the top company of Europe, manufacturing passenger Information, Passenger Infotainment& CCTV surveillance System for On Board Rolling Stock applications.

We have a 50:50 Joint Venture with Televic Belgium to produce PIS System in India for India and other Asian market.

This JV Company is by the name of “PT Communication Systems Pvt. Ltd.” Located in Delhi.

We have design, development & manufacturing capability, to offer customized solutions, specific to any project for Rail, Long haul passenger trains, Metro, Sub-urban train, trams, Monorail etc.

We are an approved supplier of RDSO for MRVC & Sub-urban trains under their various specifications and at present we are the largest PIS manufacturer in India for Sub-Urban trains.

We offer the following Technology

  • Digital IP Based PIS System for modern like Metro train.
  • ADVCS system for Sub-urban EMU / MEMU Trains like MRVC Trains.
  • GPS based PIS System for retro-fitment in old sub-urban EMU/MEMU train.
  • CCTV system for all type of Rolling Stock.
  • Passenger emergency alarm unit for all type of Rolling Stock.

Indian Project Reference

  • MRVC-I Project : PIS system was fitted in 909 Cars supplied by Siemens.
  • GP-194 Project : PIS system was fitted in 663 Cars supplied by Siemens.
  • MRVC-II Project : PIS system was fitted in 864 Cars supplied by Bombardier.

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